1GirlBoutique owner and stylist Sade has styled many photo shoots for numerous clients that have been featured on websites, magazines, launch parties, models portfolio etc.



 Fotos Oficiales Candidatas MRDUS 2012.:

Fotos: Miguel Bautista. Maquillaje: Wilkins Vásquez y Migdoel Figueroa.Peinado: Aridio García.Estilismo: Yoli García.Vestuario: YGNY Accesorios: Sade Pizzaro

1GirlJewelry was the Lead Accessory Stylist for Brooklyn Fashion Week Runway Show Spring/Summer 2012

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Punch Photography: Mccoll and Clan, Shanice Jones, Jewel Shannon(Island Pearl) and NUR-SHAH Autumn Winter 2012-2013 Models wore 1GirlJewelry Jewels.

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Carlos Peralta

Joell Brown " Photos by Joell"


Shawn Punch Fashion Photography

Revenge Fashion Magazine


Thai James " Touched by Thai Artistry"

Sade Pizarro 1GirlBoutique.com

Chantel Bland

BKFashionWeek Team


Nathalie Muñoz MISS RDUS 2011

Vida H Supa.
BKFashionWeek Models

Straight Kak'in Models

Freelance Models


Ebony Solis, Angels N Divas, Sylvia Robinson (DorelaineFashions),

Mccoll and Clan, Shanice Jones, Jewel Shannon(Island Pearl),

 NUR-SHAH Autumn Winter 2012-2013

Stylist : Sade 1GirlBoutique.com owner 


1GirlJewelry 1GirlBoutique.com


Martha Morris

Sade Pizarro 1GirlBoutique

BKFashionWeek Team

Featured Stylist Collaboration

Yoli Garcia(MissDRUS Stylist)

Ashley Jackson

Brooklyn Fashion Week Clothing Stylist

Erica Brandford (Erica B FashionStylist)

Zabeth Chang

Jade Ford Joyce Elaine's Closet (Owner)


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