How to care for costume jewelry?

To keep your fashion jewelry looking amazing for a long time here are a few tips.

  • Do Not allow water, lotion, perfume, or any other harsh chemicals to come in contact with your costume jewelry. (Hint: Moisture/Perspiration are the worst enemies for costume jewelry. This can destroy and also damage the metals.)
  • Do Not rest Costume jewelry on top of each other or be jostled together. This can dislodge stones or scratch the jewelry.
  • Store in a stabilized temperature.
  • (Any extreme change in temperature can affect stone settings and glue.)
  • Cleaning:  when cleaning costume use a Jewelry cloth or a dry soft cloth material. Simply wipe the jewelry with the dry cloth and either wear or store.

* If costume jewelry irritates your skin you can use clear jewelry glue. Simply brush the clear nail polish on your jewelry or wear your skin comes into contact with the jewelry.

* If rhinestones are falling off your jewelry you can brush clear jewelry glue on your jewelry item before wearing it to help keep stones in place.

* East Indian wedding bangles contain glitter on them so store separately.












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